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About Us


Services Offered

  1. Manpower Placement Services
  2. Labour Contract Services
  3. Security Services
  4. Housekeeping Services

Manpower Placement Services:

We, on behalf of our client companies do the preliminary activities for selecting the right candidates according to the required work profile. These activities include advertising in popular media, collecting bio-data from eligible candidates, short listing the best candidates and conducting multistage interviews.

These activities can be time consuming and costly for any company as sizeable staff has to be dedicated for the recruitment process. We undertake all the activities, till the penultimate stage so that the company is ready to do the final selection of candidates.

We have gained sufficient experience over the years and can assure you of our best services. The salient features of our services include:

Our Data Bank

We regularly update our data bank into various segments ranging from Junior Management to Senior Management level depending on Qualification, Experience, Age, etc. This helps us to give immediate list of eligible candidates.

Verification of Candidates

We feel that candidate verification is the most important thing that many placement agencies miss out on while short listing them for positions. We take special efforts and use our faithful sources of information to find out full information about a specific candidate. We check to see if the candidate does not have a criminal record, has authentic degrees and certificates, was having good conduct in his previous employment, etc.


We ascertain that complete confidentiality is maintained regarding the details of our clients.

Minimum Period of Service

In case candidate(s) placed by us leave a company within 3 months, we take full responsibility of providing suitable replacement. In this case these replacements will not be charged to the company.

Labour Contract Services:

We also supply daily wages manpower and labourers as per requirement on contract basis. Our trained supervisors are capable of delivering all types of requirements on a day to day basis.
We maintain strict records such as ESIC, PF, Profession Tax and Service Tax records of all labourers. We allocate PF and ESIC numbers to all our employees. Also we maintain attendance muster and payroll of all the employees.

We arrange for various training programmes to keep them updated of the latest technology.

We take full responsibility of submitting ESIC, PF, PT and Service Tax challans and other regulatory activities. We also arrange for labour licenses.

Security Services:

We provide round the clock security services to companies and establishments which ensure that no untoward incidents happen in the respective premises.

We arrange well built and experienced (ex-servicemen) staff. We also arrange for the complete uniform and other accessories. If needed, we also arrange for licensed fire arms. We do surprise checks to ensure that the security personnel are carrying out their duties in the expected way.

Housekeeping Services:

We provide periodic housekeeping services such as:
Floor cleaning
Pest control
Area marking on shop floor
Machine coolant tank cleaning
Water tank cleaning